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Get Inspired

Learn from regenerative experts and innovators who are making a difference right now and making it their business.

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Find Your Path

Our program is a guided process of discovery and reflection that uncovers your WHY & HOW

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Refine Your Vision

Niche workshops & expert Q&A with successful regenerative entrepreneurs

Do you want to start a Regenerative Business?

YOU CAN!! We can show you how we've done it and help you draft and revise your own business plan with our weekend program and amazing team of experts. You can also refine or transition any business to be more regenerative - this process helps ALL Entrepreneurs get focused & excited!!

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Are you looking for a Regenerative RECHARGE?

Get your inspiration and drive back by taking the time to RECHARGE with your peers, reflecting on WHY we are taking on this epic challenge (Entrepreneurship), and HOW we've adapted over time: it will save you time, money, effort, pain, and suffering. 

A New Path Is Possible

9 AMAZING Speaker Workshops

Entrepreneurship Coaching & Business Planning 

High Performance Best Practices

Personalized Educational Experiences

Attendee Participation, Reflection, & Co-creation

Networking & Collaboration


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William Padilla-Brown

Author & Founder of MycoSymbiotics & MycoFest

Harrisburg, PA

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Reishi Strauss

Founder of Earth & Spirit Botanicals

Orcas Island, WA

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Dr. Alicia Spalding

Practicing Physician & Founder of Nature Nurture Farmacy

Winlock, WA

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Cuauhtemoc Villa

Bokashi, EM, Biochar, & Cannabis Cultivation Expert & Consultant

Portland, WA

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Neal Spackman

Founder & CEO,
Regenerative Resources Corporation and Co-founder, Al Baydha Project

Saudi Arabia/Utah

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Rich Awn

Entrepreneurship Expert & Founder of Mombucha

Brooklyn, NY

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Raskal Turbeville

Co-Owner of MycoUphrrizing

Olympia, WA

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Cassandra Posey

Founder of Cognitive Function


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Coco Vinny

Entrepreneurship Expert & Founder of CoCoTaps

Las Vegas, NV

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Tradd Cotter

Author, Educator, Mycologist, Researcher, & Founder of Mushroom Mountain, Blue Portal, and Mycomatrix

Liberty, SC

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Frank Golbeck

Mead Brewing & Meadery StartUp Expert & Founder of Golden Coast Mead

Oceanside, CA

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Alan Booker

Author, Educator, Engineer, & Founder of Eldenbridge Institute

Huntsville, LA

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John Kempf

Author, Educator, Farmer, & Entrepreneur

Middlefield, OH

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Antoinette Marquez

Author, Educator, Yogi, Thalassotherapy Expert, and Founder of AMA Sea Beauty

Santa Barbara, CA

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Michael Wittman

Educator, Entrepreneur, & Founder of BlueSky Biochar

Thousand Oaks, CA

Matt Powers

Conference Host & Founder

Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert, & Founder of & Experts, & R-Future

Guerneville, CA

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This January 14-17th 2021

What Will You Learn?

Powerful & Transformative Habits & Routines

How to Create a Regenerative Business Plan

How to Build Teams, Partnerships, & Business Guilds

How to Brand & Launch Your Vision

Niche Business Workshops & Q&A on: 

Regenerative Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp Cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation

Kombucha Craft 

Apothecaries & Herbalism

Naturopathy Farm-to-Farmacy

Event Launching

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube Ads

Crowdfunding Your Dreams

Design Your Social Media Plan



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Why This Conference?
Why Now?

We are in unprecedented times where our environment, economy, and our cultures around the world are in peril - it is up to us to create resilient, regenerative bioregional ethical economies. Together, with help from leaders who have are living it, we can find our way forward into the new story and out of the old story that is currently holding progress back.

Join Us Jan 14-17th 2021 

Define Your Why, Find Your Path,

& Plot Your Course 









Open To All


Watch LIVE Jan 14-17th

  • Watch the Conference LIVE
  • Participate in the LIVE Q&A's
  • Participate in the Discussions & Make Your Plan in One Weekend
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  • Watch the Conference LIVE and Download it for Keeps!
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  • Download Audio & Video
Start On The Path Today

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Watch LIVE + Downloads/Streaming + AMAZING GOODIE BAG!!

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  • Design Your Plans & Hone Them With Feedback from a Community of Peers 
  • Early-Access and Exclusive Content, Offers, & Events
  • LIMITED: Only 100 Membership Offerings Total
Make It Your Mission

Make This The Year

Start Your Business - Start Living The Regeneration

There ARE Proven Regenerative Business Models

There ARE Ways Out of the Matrix

You Can Be An Ethical Entrepreneur

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