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Are you looking for a Regenerative RECHARGE?

Get your inspiration and drive back by taking the time to RECHARGE with 5 full days of permaculture and regenerative experts sharing their most hopeful and inspiring visions for the future. PLUS connect and share with your peers in an exclusive private social network.

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Learn from permaculture experts and regenerative innovators who are making the world a better place by caring for people, nature, & the future.

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See what resonates with you as you see through the eyes of dozens of global visionaries.

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Includes an exclusive private social community, so you can connect with others, comment, have a profile, like, share, and post videos and pictures.

Start 2024 Regeneratively

Transform Your Life = Transform the World!!



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A New Path Is Possible

Over 40 AMAZING Speakers

Learn from Permaculture Experts, Regenerative Entrepreneurs, Hydrological Restoration Experts, Homesteaders, Mycologist, Mushroom Growers, Aquaponics Experts, and Farmers who all have HOPE for the Future because they have a PLAN & a PROCESS  

Permaculture Perspectives

Regenerative Science

Networking & Collaboration


Proven Practices & Thriving Models


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Stephen Raisner

Farmer, Aquaponics Expert, KNF Expert, & Founder of PotentPonics & the Open Nutrient Project

Oklahoma, USA

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William Padilla-Brown

Author, Teacher, Mycologist, Citizen Scientist, Contributing Editor to Fungi magazine, & founder of MycoFest

New Cumberland, PA

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Chris Trump

Educator, Farmer, Consultant, Natural Farming Expert, and Founder of


Boise, ID

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David Holmgren

Author, Educator, Designer, & Co-Originator of Permaculture 

Victoria, AU

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Mandie Quark

Researcher, Writer, Mycologist, Scientist, & 2023 NAMA Foray Chairman
Marble, North Carolina

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Cassandra Posey

Speaker, Event Organizer, & Founder of Cognitive Function & MYCELIATE, the Annual Conference and Festival

The Islands of
Washington State

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Lucian Toma & Anna Maria Desipris

Regenerative Farmsteading Designers & Educators, Parents, Founders & Farmers @SunAndBloomFarms

SoCal & Missouri

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Morag Gamble

Educator, Humanitarian, Permaculture Expert, and Founder of the Permaculture Education Institute


Queensland, Australia

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Robert Floyd MD IFMCP

Husband, Son, Functional Medicine MD, Regenerative Rancher, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt, & Author

Reno, NV

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Vincent Zaldivar (Coco Vinny )

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Inventor, & Founder of CocoTaps & CocoLove 
Puerto Rico/Las Vegas
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Alan Booker

Author, Inventor, Speaker, & Regenerative Design Expert

Huntsville, Alabama

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Jasper Degenaars

Mycologist, Educator, Headmaster of Fungi Academy, and the Co-Founder of the Sacred Mycology Online School


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Keisha Ernst

Compost Expert & Co-Founder of Catalyst Bioamendments

Nevada City, CA

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Casey Ernst

Compost Expert & Co-Founder of Catalyst Bioamendments

Nevada City, CA

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Angel Schatz

Speaker & Leadership Team Member for the Central Texas Mycological Society 
Austin, TX
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Geoff Lawton

Educator, Permaculture Designer, Farmer, & Entrepreneur
NSW, Australia 
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Zach Weiss

Ecological Developer, Teacher, Online Educator, Founder of Elemental Ecosystems, & Founder of Water Stories

Bozeman, MT

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Andrew Millison

Instructor, Online Educator, & Permaculture Expert

Corvallis, OR

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David Poplin

Speaker, Teacher, Mycologist, & Founder of Humboldt Mycology 

Fletcher, NC

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Jack Spirko

Survivalist, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Permaculturist, & Host of the Survival Podcast.

Azle, TX

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Bryan Wachsman

Living Soil Educator, Public Speaker, Co-Host Of The ‚ÄúBryan & Marco Show‚ÄĚ On The Future Cannabis Project Platform, Co-Founder Of


Parker, CO

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Tess Burzynski 

Educator, Research Scientist, Mycologist, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Novel Integrated, & Founder of Fungi Freights 


Ypsilanti, MI

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Jordan River

Educator, Cannabis Cultivator, Entrepreneur, Creator and Host of GrowCast Podcast 


Humboldt, CA

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Cuauhtemoc Villa

Farmer, Bokashi, Biofertilizer, Biochar, & Cannabis Cultivation Expert & Consultant

Portland, Washington

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Darren Doherty

Farmer, Author, Speaker, Teacher, & Founder of Regrarians Ltd

Victoria, Australia

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Chandler Michalsky

Founder of BeerCity Bokashi, Founder of Jethouse Gardens, & Compost Expert at Wormies
Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Julian Scanlon

Mushroom forager, fermentation enthusiast, flavor hunter and regenerative farming advocate
Jemez, New Mexico
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Stefan Sobkowiak 

Orchardist, Ornithologist, Educator, the Subject of The Permaculture Orchard, Youtuber, & Owner of Les Fermes Miracle Farm
Quebec, Canada
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Brandon Rust

Cannabis Cultivator, Citizen Scientist, Soil Expert, Owner & Founder of Earthworks Agriculture & Bokashi Earthworks.
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Jacob DeVecchio

Citizen Scientist, Educator, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Founder of Oklahoma Fungi and the Oklahoma Mushroom Festival
Oklahoma City, OK
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Randy Young Villegas

La Tierra del Jaguar director, environmental nonprofit founder, educator, permaculturist, biodiversity protector, agave enthusiast, jaguar lover, social entrepreneur

Sonora, Mexico

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David Augustyniak

Entrepreneur, Mushroom Forager, Researcher, & Cultivator, Founder & Host of SW FungaFest, & Owner/Visionary at Art Farm & UNI Fungi

Sandia Park, NM

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Erik Ohlsen

Entrepreneur, Permaculture Expert, Author, Landscaping Expert, Educator, & Co-Founder of The Permaculture Skills Center

Sebastopol, CA

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Rayne Grant

Mycologist, Herbalist, Singer/Songwriter, Film & Music Producer, Festival & Event Planner, Founder of the Four Corners Mycological Society, founder and President of the Psychedelic Club of Durango, & Owner of the Colorado Mushroom Company

Telluride, CO

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Rion Naus

Educator, Speaker, Soil Microscopist, & Large-Scale Consultant



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Caleb DeLeeuw

Director, Founder, & Data Scientist at Copyleft Cultivars Nonprofit, Regenerative Indigenous Farmer, AI Developer, Open-Sourceror, Educator, & Speaker.


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Michael Wittman

Speaker, Teacher, Biochar Expert, Entrepreneur & Founder of Blue Sky Biochar

Thousand Oaks, CA

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Gavin Mounsey

Author, Garden Designer + Builder, Food-Growing Educator, & Seed Saver


Ontario, Canada

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Matthew Trumm

Compost Expert, Permaculture Designer, Teacher, & Founder of TreeTop Permaculture


Oroville, CA

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Fungi Flows

Fungi Flows is a former Civil Engineer, turned Mycologist, and currently a Freestyle Rapper & Recording Artist


Pittsburg, PA

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Matt Powers

Conference Host & Founder

Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, Citizen Scientist, & Family Guy

Austin, Texas


This event will include Daily LIVE Coaching & Training with Matt Powers on Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Leadership, High Performance, Online Marketing, Regenerative Business Planning, Motivation, & Self Care.

 Start Your 2024 with Inspiration, a Vision, & a Plan for a Regenerative Future - Join Us Live Every Day!!

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Hope for a Brighter Future

Today, our world seems fixated on doomsday scenarios, contention, and fear, but there's another story building in the background but gaining momentum day by day.

Quietly and humbly, there are individuals, families, communities, and businesses making it their life's work to care for the earth, its peoples, and the future we all share.

These Are The Voices Of R-Future.

Start 2024 with 
Inspiration & Hope

Start Living The Regeneration

There ARE Proven Pathways of Regeneration & Abundance

There ARE Ways Out of the Matrix

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