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Matt Powers is an author, educator, and entrepreneur focused on radically transforming the K-12 experience for children everywhere by aligning their education with current regenerative science, natural principles, and clear ethics: earth care, people care, and future care. Through Matt’s collection of online courses, teacher’s guides, textbooks, and workbooks, K-12 students can understand collegiate and graduate school concepts, learn how to ethically redesign our world, and even restore and rewild large landscapes, reversing the devastating effects of desertification, soil loss, watershed destruction, and habitat loss.

Matt’s work is found in English, Italian, French, Arabic, Polish, and Spanish with a half dozen more translations currently in process. Matt’s bold vision is to empower everyone eeverywhere to live in regeneration where every action and decision are beneficial to the local and greater ecosystemic and social community. Matt is a former public high school english teacher with a masters in education.

With almost 10,000 students in his online programs, Matt has helped students of all ages all over the world achieve their dreams and goals using regenerative soil science and permaculture solutions - learn more with Matt in his online programs and through one of his many incredible published works.

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"The Permaculture Student series is a landmark in the evolution of human-ecological relationships, and this latest installment raises the bar even higher than the last... I  highly recommend it."

- PETER McCOY, Radical Mycology

"Matt Powers has reached his goal to convey the solutions and the science behind Permaculture to the standards and audience of a K-12 environment... gifting permaculture to the world at large."

– ERIK OHLSEN, The Professional Ecological Landscaper, Storyscapes, & Permaculture Skills Center

Blog Posts

How to have an Epic Garden with a 9-5 FT Job


How do they do that? They make it look effortless. Meanwhile you’re struggling to get things watered, to amend the soil, to prune, to harvest, to chop and drop, and it kind of steals the fun from you?


Hope & Climate Change

there's still time to reverse the damage

Have you ever thought about the magnitude of the Climate Change problem? How many people there are now? How little there is left of pristine nature? Has it ever just eaten up your hope?

It'll ruin your day - it could ruin your week, your month, your everyday - your home might be washing away and wildfires may be raging, but the power, rapidity of regeneration, and awe inspiring capabilities of nature will always inspire those of us willing to observe...


What is Possible? The Regenerative Economy

life always generates more life exponentially

Most folks have no idea what is possible simply because they are unacquainted with the natural systems and cycles of our natural world. They cannot imagine natural solutions to complex modern problems because they have never seen or heard of such solutions. More than anything else, our goal with our business and educational resources is to bring these initial suggestions and solutions into the collective consciousness, so that we can start to think creatively and with a full understanding about our world and our actions in it. Only then will we arrive at the solutions we truly need...


"Matt Powers’ work presents the essence of permaculture design in creative and engaging ways for young people. It is a valuable contribution towards a kinder, wiser and more ecologically balanced future for all our children. Bravo!"

Maddy Harland
Permaculture Magazine

"This is the most incredible collection of knowledge around permaculture I think anywhere. Matt is a highly qualified and experienced teacher. His generosity is endless as well as his enthusiasm."

Jay Valencia
Entrepreneur & Founder of Pintxo Sauce

"And then we met Matt. I want to tell you, he is the real deal. He is as energetic and passionate in person as he is on his videos, if not more so! As we learned more about Matt and about permaculture, we realized that his course was the answer to our situation, not only in helping us achieve our goals but in a responsible and regenerative way."

Synthia Carlisle
Current Student

Featured Books

The Permaculture Student 1

an introduction to permaculture design

If you are looking for an introduction to Permaculture that’s easy to read and apply, you’ve just found it. Written by an experienced educator and designed to be used in middle schools but used by teachers and adults alike the world over, this book set guides you quickly through what is covered in a standard Permaculture Design Course - though you can read this book in just one sitting. For a fraction of the price and time invested in an online or in-person course, get to know permaculture properly and start applying it today for a better tomorrow!


The Permaculture Student 2

a collection of regenerative solutions

A collection of solutions - The Permaculture Student 2 is a broad-reaching update and expansion of the works of regenerative pioneers like Bill Mollison, Masanobu Fukuoka, Sepp Holzer, and David Holmgren. Sourcing modern research and over 20 expert peer reviewers/editors, The Permaculture Student 2 brings readers up to date with what regenerative practices are being used successfully as well as the most current research and understanding of regenerative design, soil, fungi, architecture, social reform, holistic management, urban permaculture, large-scale land and ocean restoration, and much, much more.


The Advanced Permaculture Teacher's Guide

For Teacher's Using The Permaculture Student 2 Set

Designed for high schools, colleges, and adult classes, this is the most thorough and in-depth teacher's guide every available for Permaculture educators. Standards-based, 


Regenerative Soil

The Science & Solutions

This crowdfunded textbook deep dives into the controversial and often confusing world of soil science, providing clarity, connection, and wholistic solutions and understanding. Whether you are an organic home gardener, a conventional farmer, or a natural farmer, you will find this speaks your language and uncovers new insights and pathways to regeneration no matter your climate, context, or prior experience. Written for all audiences & highly visual - if you work with soil, you don't want to miss this!!


Regenerative Soil Microscopy

The Science & Methods

Get a 1st edition copy of Regenerative Soil Microscopy, the physical book, signed and sent to you by the author. A highly visual guide to bright field, dark field, & epifluorescence microscopy methods + Matt’s new Manual Lighting technique.

This book will teach you how to examine and evaluate soil, compost, roots, leaves, plant sap, microbes, mycorrhizae, and more using any microscope that can view at 40x - 1000x + even more methods that include epifluorescence techniques and specialized stains to see who’s really alive and who’s not!! If you are wanting to deep dive into soil microscopy, this is the book for you!!

The 2nd installment in the Regenerative Soil Trilogy - only available here:

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Unlock Your Soil with Microscopy!!

Featured Courses

The Advanced Permaculture Student Online

Get your advanced certification with Matt Powers and an incredible team of over 60 leading regenerative experts and professionals 

This is your opportunity to receive the most thorough advanced permaculture certification available that goes beyond information transfer to helping you launch your lifestyle and livelihood in the regenerative economy.


The Permaculture Student Online K-12

Learn Holistic Permaculture from Home

Join author and educator Matt Powers as he and his family work in the garden and kitchen applying permaculture to daily life. With over 16 hours and 13 weeks worth of curriculum and video, this self-paced course features real-life applied, holistic permaculture! 


Permaculture Gardening

Partner with Nature in the Garden with Matt Powers

Learn to Garden the Permaculture way with Matt Powers in a Highly Interactive, Group-Coaching, Video & Discussion-based, Online setting. Get the Answers You are Seeking - Get 1:1 Feedback from an Expert!!


5 Steps to a Regenerative Lifestyle

Download the FREE Ebook + Watch the Free Video Series

This short book is an inspiring and simple step-by-step guide to getting firmly on the path to a regenerative future. It’s not impossible, and it’s not even complicated.


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