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Course + Consultation = Certification

We learn together, we talk about our individual sites together over ZOOM, & we make plans together, then Matt Powers reviews/corrects/advises/approves your plan, and then it's your turn to go make it happen in real life. That's how you earn your certification.

Understand the Scientific Principles Behind All Successful Techniques

Anyone can Google or Youtube a technique today, but can they explain the Why, the How, and the When behind the Methods? Learn to understand and develop a fluency in the science of regenerative soil, and you can begin to see the overlaps, limitations, and contexts for all methods and perspectives.

Develop Your Plan & Get Your Regenerative Soil Certification

Learn the Science, Align the Solutions to your Goals & Context, Make it Happen, & Get Your Certification!!


"My wife spent 2021 using a copy of Regenerative Soil in her applied application research at the USU permaculture garden in Utah. We had an amazing year and turned more that a few heads.

We doubled the previous years harvests."

Leslie Mouriquand

"I teach physical geography at the college level... I am changing how I teach about the hydrosphere, meteorology, the atmosphere: 

All of it! Wow!"

Christina Fernandes

"I had doubts about whether I would manage on this course because I have always been intimidated by science and this has been such a non-threatening, uplifting way of learning.

So thank you so much, truly."

More Carbon & Organic Matter

Every Year More Carbon Is Drawn Down 

Increased Soil Biology

Every Season Your Microbes Grow Stronger, More Numerous, & More Balanced

Nutritionally Denser Plants

Superior Taste, Smell, & Color

No Poisons, No Toxins

As Soil Coherence is Achieved, Plants Protect & Feed Themselves with the Help of Soil Biology

More Water-Holding Capacity

As Soils Improve their Structure & Soil Biology, They Can Hold More Water

Save Money + Higher Yields = $

Less Inputs, Higher Quality Products, Higher Yields All Equal More Profit

What's Included?

  • Weekly Videos + Audio Downloads

    (2-4 hrs p/wk for 20 Weeks + the Webinar Series)
  • LIVE Q&A Weekly + Replays

    (Every Friday or Saturday for 20 Weeks + the Webinar Series - All with Replays)
  • Regenerative Soil, the Ebook + AUDIOBOOK

    (the Exclusive Release of the Audiobook for the Best-Selling Book)
  • Guest Teachers + Case Studies

    (from Farmer to Gardener We'll Explore the Methods & Results)
  • Regenerative Soil Certification

    (Design Your Holistic Soil Management Plan & Get Certified)
  • The How To + The Science Behind It All 

    (Connect the Dots so you can Improvise & Adapt)
  • PLUS: Hardcover Book & BONUS Options Too!!

Jeffrey McAvoy

"This is now the fourth time I’m listening to this week's lesson in full  -

So Much Great Info!!"

Mike Garcia

"I took Dr. Elaine’s course and it’s very useful, however, it’s not interactive like Matt’s class and I’m getting way more out of this class.

This is a course that takes the best of all the greatest minds in the world of soil regeneration and puts them into one understandable course that makes sense. Thanks, Matt!"

David Goldrup

"Wow! Haven't even had my coffee yet, as I was so thoroughly engaged, and was in a time warp because those forty five minutes seemed like seconds."










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"Plant specific microbes? Matt, you're crushing it - I must know more. The cannabis retail market is clueless on these things - really appreciate the info."

Nicolle Flood-Sawczyszyn

"It just CLICKED!! Parenting the plants and setting them up to DO THE WORK allowing then to learn and prosper without us!! Thank You!!"

Jane Burkheimer

"Boom! Your diagrams and topics brought back my real world focus and direction!"

Our Story  & Soil 

In 2008, shortly after our first son turned 1, my wife, Adriana, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We were young and she did whatever the doctors suggested (she worked as a phlebotomist at NY Methodist Hospital), so she had the thyroidectomy and radiation treatments. Not more than 3 months afterward, she was diagnosed with more cancer; this time it was melanoma. When I asked if the radiation could have caused this cancer, they wouldn't meet my eye.

Since then I've been on a mission to help my wife and our entire family live the best life possible, to achieve our best health, and to help others live their best lives eating the best foods grown in the best soils because in all my seeking from switching to organic food to starting to garden 10+ years ago to adopting permaculture 7 years ago to diving deeper and deeper into plant nutrition in recent years, it is the soil and the soil microbes that are the lynchpin to it all - it all keeps coming back to them.