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Healthy Soils =

Deep Carbon Sequestration


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Unlock your soil's full potential and align all the elements and actors involved. Connect the Science with the Actions for Real-Life Solutions from the garden to the farm, all the way up to large-landscape restoration scale.

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Learn how it all works down to the individual microbe, enzyme, and ion - dive deep into the best-selling book: Regenerative Soil

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Grow incredibly nutrient-dense foods at higher yields in less time with less fertilizer and water - Grow Beyond Organic!! Go through Regenerative Soil with Matt Powers in detail - Explore the Amazing Solutions, Science, & Future Implications of Regenerative Soil.

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The Introductory Course

Join Matt Powers, author, educator, and regenerative soil expert, for a 6-week Introduction to Regenerative Soil Microscopy with a focus on bright field microscopy, LIVE Labs, Weekly Q&A, and a community experience with lifetime access to all the replays and course materials.

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Learn how to examine your soil, compost, mycorrhizae, roots, and more with a microscope in the all-new volume of the Regenerative Soil Trilogy
Regenerative Soil Microscopy

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The 20-Week Course

The 20-Week Online Certification Course & Community - includes 20 weeks of LIVE Q&A with Matt Powers + Lifetime Access to the Replays & Future LIVE Series!! If you are looking for your next level in microscopy OR to begin your journey, there's no better place than Regenerative Soil Microscopy.
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Praise for Regenerative Soil

The New, Best-Selling Book by Matt Powers

“Matt has birthed a very comprehensive book on the most important aspect of gardening. This is the most thorough review of the topic I’ve read. You need to read this to fully understand how to make your food forest or garden thrive. The book offers a bounty of information for a bounty of food.”

— Robert Kourik, author of Aerobic Soils, Understanding Roots and Roots Demystified 


“At a critical moment when we're oversaturated with unreliable and scattered information, Matt Powers has focused his unique ability as an educator once again to communicate complex topics to people of any skill or education level. Regenerative Soil makes essential connections between the soil food web, mycorrhizal fungi, soil chemistry and plant health while strengthening the text with illustrations that tie it all together. Most importantly, Matt has done an amazing job of outlining the specific actions that anyone can take to move their understanding of soil from the book out into the field with simple to follow instructions. 

This book has expanded my knowledge of soils more than anything I've read before.”

— Oliver M. Goshey, podcast host of Abundant Edge


I found 'Regenerative Soil' to be a thorough and encyclopedic coverage of the science and philosophy of the field of regenerative agriculture. It covers many critical aspects of soil and plant sciences. I found the coverage of soil microbiology to be especially interesting. The coverage of the relationship between endophytic microbes and healthy plants is cutting edge. 

I will be recommending this book to my students at Rutgers University as necessary reading to acquire a better understanding of regenerative agriculture. The field of regenerative agriculture is advancing rapidly and this book is an important installment in that advancement.”

— Professor James White, Department of Plant Biology, Rutgers University


"Regenerative Soil is Matt Powers’ best book yet. Matt's unique gifts as a communicator and teacher have shone through in this jam-packed piece and Regrarians highly recommends this book to anyone who eats, buys or grows”

— Darren Doherty, author of The Regrarians Handbook

Soil is so complex, diverse, mysterious and fundamental to plant, animal, human and planetary health. It can be daunting for everyone from those dabbling with food growing for the first time, to experienced gardeners and farmers finding things not working like they used to. To find and recommend a reference that integrates and clearly explains the diversity of soil fertility building practices with the latest scientific understandings is difficult to say the least.  

Matt Powers’ Regenerative Soil is the reference I will be using and recommending for those working from the backyard to the back paddock.”

— Dr David Holmgren, Permaculture co-originator 

and Author of RetroSuburbia; the downshifter’s guide to a resilient future


“Just when you think there can be nothing new under the sun, Matt Powers proves there’s everything new under the ground—new approaches, fresh methodology and an utterly original take on subsurface dynamics. “Regenerative Soil” is a soil science revelation. Innovative, informative and effortlessly readable. A go-to guide for the generations, Matt’s book is destined to become the most dog-eared dialectic on the subject of living soil.”

— Michael Wittman,

"Each of us can do something to help regenerate Earth’s soil. But what? And why? And just what is soil anyway? This book must be one of the most comprehensive, readable, and actionable books on soil ever written. May it inspire a new generation of soil makers and quicken all the existing ones."

— Josh Whiton, Founder, 


“Many people look at the grand problems of the world and understandably feel like there’s nothing they can do. They give up. But the truth is that in each of our global problems, there are local solutions we can enact. Surprisingly to many, the solution to many of our greatest challenges to humanity lie in our soil. In Regenerative Soil, Matt Powers gives us the tools for us to be the solution at homes and in communities and do our part to move humanity forward in a regenerative manner.

— Rob Greenfield, environmental activist and Author of Food Freedom

“It is a huge turning point in the regenerative movement to have a resource that encompasses all the nuances and mechanisms of soil. You have successfully bridged the gap between soil biology and soil chemistry!”

 — Katharine Hinson, soil scientist and researcher at SymSoil


"Wow! If you like to experiment as I do or just need answers to soil problems this book is packed with possibilities and answers. It really is cutting edge information that is readable and worth pondering and then applying. Go for it, just start. "

— Stefan Sobkowiak, M.Sc., MLA., Les Fermes MIRACLE Farms


“Regenerative Soil is an efficient look at the symphony of nature.

 Matt has built an excellent portal for deeper understanding

— Chris Trump, 

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Our Story  & Soil 

In 2008, shortly after our first son turned 1, my wife, Adriana, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We were young and she did whatever the doctors suggested (she worked as a phlebotomist at NY Methodist Hospital), so she had the thyroidectomy and radiation treatments. Not more than 3 months afterward, she was diagnosed with more cancer; this time it was melanoma. When I asked if the radiation could have caused this cancer, they wouldn't meet my eye.

Since then I've been on a mission to help my wife and our entire family live the best life possible, to achieve our best health, and to help others live their best lives eating the best foods grown in the best soils because in all my seeking from switching to organic food to starting to garden 10+ years ago to adopting permaculture 7 years ago to diving deeper and deeper into plant nutrition in recent years, it is the soil and the soil microbes that are the lynchpin to it all - it all keeps coming back to them. 

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