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160+ Hrs of Video Instruction

Over twice the length of a standard PDC, The Advanced Permaculture Student Online goes further, more in-depth, and covers a greater breadth - learn cutting edge soil science, ground-breaking mycology, holistic management, keyline geometry and design, social permaculture, urban permaculture, ocean restoration, large-scale land restoration, empowering regenerative entrepreneurship, and much, much more!!

70+ Teachers

Over 70 Experts & Educators from Around the World who have Greened Deserts, grown Tons of Soil per acre per year, Restored the Aztec Chinampas, Trained Professional Landscapers in Permaculture for over 10 years, Redefined Soil Science and Composting as we know it, Converted Organic Orchards to Permaculture, witnessed the Restoration of the Ancient Molokai Fish Ponds, made Impossible Seed and Plant Adaptations possible, and Much More. 

Dual Certification

Not only does this course have a 72-Hour Permaculture Design Certification (PDC), but it includes a 160-Hour Advanced Permaculture Design Certification (APDC). Different from a PDC's design on paper or computer requirement, the APDC is based on REAL PROJECTS. You can plant a garden, start a business, plant a forest, restore an ecosystem, do vital research, create an advanced permaculture homestead, and launch into your regenerative future career and lifestyle. 

"This course is World Class! I love the info. This is the best course I have ever taken on this subject. Matt Powers ROCKS!!!"

Mike Garcia
Enviroscape L.A.

"I am an environmental science student at Georgia State and I have learned more in this course than my 4 years at this University. Thank you for everything Matt!"

Alex Kerr
Current Student

"Matt has brought his strong abilities as a fun communicator to the fore, this whilst being not at all frivolous, and keeping an integrity to the important information that all minds need to take on as we navigate a more regenerative future as a species"

Darren J. Doherty
Regrarians Ltd

"I appreciate your tremendous, inspiring work and this exciting learning experience so much."

Yoko Fujimoto
Current Student

"There is so much in this course! I love the sharing and collaborative way people want to work. I love the innovative ideas and projects going on. I love the positivity. I love how Matt is so supportive and responsive. I tell everyone about Permaculture and this course! I think Permaculture is the umbrella that I've been looking connects everything that I've intuitively felt at a deep level."

Monique Challis
Current Student

"Matt Powers is more than a Permaculture Teacher, he's an educator. We need many more like him to reach the multitudes who have never heard of permaculture. Matt is teaching graduate level permaculture ideas to entry level students in a way that's understandable. "

Stefan Sobkowiak
Miracle Farm & The Permaculture Orchard

"This course has been the most valuable course I've ever taken, and I cant wait to go back through it all a second and third time. This is a true gift to the world Mr. Powers. Thank you!"

Current Student

"I've always understood intuitively that everything is connected, but the course has clearly illustrated in tangible ways how this is true. I've taken Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web course and had the pleasure of hearing Darren Doherty speak in Santa Barbara and read P.A. Yeoman's Water for Every Farm, but this is the first time I have seen all of it presented as an integrated coherent whole."

James B.
Current Student

The Value

If you are seeking solutions - you've found them. We cover skills, careers, and lifestyles that are meaningful, regenerative, profitable, proven, and valuable to local and global communities.

This Program Is For You

  • 160+ Hours & 70+ Teachers
  • Make Your Design REAL with both Peer & Professional Support & Feedback
  • Earn your PDC & AdvPDC
  • In-Depth, Professional, Diverse, & Inclusive
  • Self-Paced + LIVE 40-Week Course Access
  • Student-Centered & Project-Based 
  • 8 Amazing Ebooks & 2 Audiobooks
  • LIVE Q&A Biweekly During LIVE 40-Week Course



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