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"Permaculture (ASPO) has taught me not only how to care for the earth but also myself. By caring for others in the community in a practical way, repairing the soil and changing my mindset, I have healed my soul. Permaculture gives us hope, empowers and unites us with ourselves and community. It has given me confidence, support and wisdom that I have not found in all my courses over my life. Permaculture isn't about a certificate. It is a way of life. These are just some emotional benefits I have had."

Beth Healey
Dirt Mum, Australia

"To be honest, I didn't fully know what permaculture was when I signed on to the kick starter for this course. But, I had been getting into gardening in the years prior & had been slowly converting the yard at my old home into a food forest without having heard the term. I saw the notification for the Kickstarter & thought it sounded interesting & hoped I would learn more gardening skills. Little did I know how much I had underestimated how much more I would learn. I'm thankful that I found this community & love knowing that there are so many people doing their part to create a better world."

Amber Jean
Current Student

"Absolutely incredible. Thank you!!! You just broke down an idea I had trouble understanding when I learned it for the first time on another PDC. You break things down so beautifully. I feel more confident each day I learn something from this PDC!"

Current Student

"There is no way you’re going to feel like you haven’t received what you came for and feel like you need to give back to the abundance of energy that is Matt Powers. "

Jay Valencia
Current Student

"Matt Power's Advanced Permaculture Student Online course is literally the most comprehensive and empowering course I have ever taken! It provides the path to build a happy and healthy future for the entire planet!"

Chris Meador

"I have really enjoyed this course and making my site design.  I signed up for this course about a year after I graduated from college with an environmental studies degree and I had no idea what to do next for my career or how create change. My degree focused on problems and this class has given me so many wonderful solutions! I recommend this class to everyone I talk to about growing food or creating environmental solutions."

Lauren Traylor
Current Student

"And then we met Matt. I want to tell you, he is the real deal. He is as energetic and passionate in person as he is on his videos, if not more so! As we learned more about Matt and about permaculture, we realized that his course was the answer to our situation, not only in helping us achieve our goals but in a responsible and regenerative way."

Synthia Carlisle
Current Student

"This is the most inspiring course! I am really enjoying myself. It is not only the knowledge but also the attitude and the part about bringing our projects to reality and interconnecting, interacting to bring this way of thinking and processing information to the world. It really gives me hope that we can heal our environment and communities and bringing us all together as a big family, in peace and harmony. It is no longer a utopian idea in my head. Thank you Matt for all the work you have been doing for all this to ignite. You are the spark not only a fungi, I am very grateful to be part of this moment in human history. I invite you all to unite in this big an humbling task. Let's keep on interacting as a living community of beings in the forest. Let's evolve to a human ecosystem. We need everybody's skills. Love you all!"

Current Student

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